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S. No. Name (S/Sh/Smt..) Designation Work allocated Phone/Fax Email
1 Sh. Dipak Kumar Gupta Commissioner Customs (Preventive) 0183-2506408(L) 0183-2506440(F) commr-cusasr@nic.in
2 Dr.Arvind Kumar Joint Commissioner P&V, and all charges 0183-2506405(L) 0183-2504791(F) arvind.kr81@nic.in
3 P.S.Gill Deputy Commissioner CPD, Jammu 0191-2469924(L) 0191-2469824 (telefax)
4 Swati Chopra Deputy Commissioner Anti- Smuggling, RIU, AIU 0183-2504737 swatichopra@nic.in
5 J.S. Sokhi Assistant Commissioner CPD Amritsar 0183-2506401 jssokhi@nic.in
6 Shambhu Lal Assistant Commissioner Review, Audit and PCA Law , S&I, RTI, Disposal and Malkhana, TRC, Adjudication, Wireless Communication 0183-2505974 shambulal.59@nic.in
7 S.J.S Chugh Assistant Commissioner LCS, Attari Rail, CPD, Pathankot Attari Rail
CPD Pathankot
0183-2220694 (F)
8 Paras Ram Assistant Commissioner Rail Cargo 0183-2500828 paras.sharma@nic.in
9 Basant Kumar Assistant Commissioner ICP, Attari 0183-2383211(L) 0183-2382606(F) basant.kumarIRS@nic.in
10 Akshat Jain Assistant Commissioner SGRDJI, Airport, Air Cargo CFS, Chheharata Airport
CFS Chheharata
0183-2259783 (telefax)
11 Varinder Singh Kalshain Assistant Commissioner P&V, Admn, CAO, Sevottam, Technical, System 0183-2504737
12 Chandan Kumar Assistant Commissioner SGRDJI, Airport (SHIFT) 0183-2214145